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Jun. 4th, 2010

slow hands by <lj user="MRBNATURAL">

As DEMF goes by...

Yeah I'm week late with this update on the show. Yes it DID take me a week to recover.

Another year, another great DEMF, while no single set topped the insane ripping righteousness of Glitch Mob last year, overall there were more sets and more friends this year and thus better. It would have been even better had I not managed to lose my three day armband at the I love you, but I've Chosen Techno afterparty on the FIRST night.

The highlights:

*Bloody Mary's, pulled pork at Slow's BBQ

*Grosse Pointe homeboy Claude VonStoke's SICK set Saturday night:

It's time for the PERCOLATOR, it's time for PERCOLATOR

Hee, it's like Alan from The Hangover is spinning just for you.

This video was the absolute best part of Derrick May's completely bangin' set Sunday:

He does that all on vinyl too. He's amazing.

Ghostland Observatory were amazing as well with their super TRIPPY light show,and their Jack White-esque lead singer. I totally subscribe to their somewhat creepy and strange mix of techno-rock.

In retrospect it's kind of good I lost the armband I'm just not made to stay up till 4 am four days in a row.

May. 24th, 2010


The Sick Sad Truth

...is I still haven't purchased my Daria DVD's.

...and I am as hopeless an irrational a shipper that I ever ever was.Collapse )

OMG I may have to do my own Jeff/Annie episode guide.

May. 12th, 2010


What are words for?

Who is a Sap? I am! I am!Collapse )

Mar. 11th, 2010

jacksun, louloucn

I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me?

Yeah my title is just the first thing that popped into my mind.

* I'm half packed, I consider this progress.

*Community was awesome tonight, my Jeff/Annie squee was at 11, he will do basically anything her doe eyes ask. He LOOOOOVES her so much. I also love Katherine McPhee and am totally gonna rock that hair when I get to the salon. I totally need a Jeff/Annie icon.

*I know everyone has seen this weeks TV Guide cover wherein they validate my Jack/Sun ship by picturing Sun ON TOP OF Jack. Win.

* I should go to bed.

* My March is filling up quickly, I'm off to Austin tomorrow, when I get back I have a Condo Meeting on the 16th, going to see Bill Grogan's Goat again in Northville on the 17th, an Obesity luncheon on the 18th, and a Three Drunk Maidens SPN party on the 27th, which I'm super psyched about and will have fab food and wine for.

* I'm also considering a trip to Florida for in May to my cousins Law School Graduation, DEMF for May,
Bonnaroo in June or Lolla in August, Tour de France September.

* This spring I'm planning in enrolling in Co-ed Adult Soccer, Kickball, and training at the roller rinks two times a week.

Feb. 24th, 2010

Miguel's Abs

Loved Up

Firstly, thank you to everyone who offered kind words about my Aunt, I loved her SO much, and I'm still heartbroken she is gone, but hearing from friends made it easier, I love you all muchly.

Secondively, I just bought myself a sample sale hand bag as an early birthday present to myself. I blame escape_1974.

So my question is how does The Sun know Rob is rollin? Hee.

I went to see DJ Kalendar this weekend, to continue du Festival de Blixie Birth. There is a segue way in there if ya know what I'm sayin!

I then proceeded to spend the rest of the weekend chaufering Riv around. She wouldn't let me roller skate at Jumpin Jupiter with her girls. C'mon Riv, how I supposed to jam or block, or, um that other thing, if I don't practice?! When I went out w/ MY GIRLS some old dude told me I had "derby girl" all over my wicked skating styles, because I'm either a)that awesome b) a GIGANTIC cliche.

I am not sure how I will juggle adult co-ed soccer and Detroit Derby Girl assimiliation this spring. Much like Nicky Katt in Dazed and Confused I plan to a) Kick Ass b) Drink (not) beer. God forbid I run out of (not) beer.

Dear Obama: As an tax paying American Citizen with Multiple Sclerosis, can I say: RECONCILIATION DOWN THEIR IMPERIALIST THROATS BABY. kthxbye, Also Michelle you rock for stamping out the food deserts!

Is it weird that I'm still kind of protective of Kwame Kilpatrick, yeah he mistook his two terms for a Biggie Smalls video shoot, but in his last term I do think he *tried* to do something for a city I DO think he loves, just not more than stippers and Kristal.

I watched Extract this weekend and LOVED it, Ben Affleck for the win, I couldn't help but find much of his take on married life as a bit of meta, and I liked his Xanax stoner in comparison to his over the hill high school bastard in D&C. If only Gwynnie had put up with him he'd have been a pig in shit. Seriously Gwynnie Chris Martin over Ben? REALLY?! Whatever else you want to say about Garner, bitch has crazy ambition and modicum of talent, Bosworth is just a two bit Hollywood bimbo and Martin is homely adult comtemporary singer.

In a parting question if you worked out with a reasonable facsimile of adorable Scott Evans Every Day what would you do? Visually appreciate the hotness to say the least I'd think. Yeah.

Feb. 5th, 2010


TV at 8 O'Clock

Man this has been quite a week for network censors, I mean they must of all wandered off and got collectively high in a back room. I'm not complaining, because it was extremely amusing to hear/see!

The Vampire Diaries - Damon get's away with a "dickhead" last week, and this week makes overt allusions to having sexed up his brother and their vampire ex-girlfriend.

Modern Family - Dylan comically stalks his teenage ex-girlfriend and insists "I love your ass!"

Community - Troy lets us know he has "the weirdest boner".

I'm blushing 12 year old apparently, so each incident kind of surprised me. Kind of like Buffy and Spike and the zipper sound effect.

Jan. 28th, 2010

ESD by <lj user="MRBNATURAL">

Great Balls of Fire!

The Vampire Diaries is so fucking awesome in ways I can't quite believe that I need to make lists!

1. Vervain party favors for all Elena's friends, FINALLY!
2. I started screaming from the Pizza Guy in a HOODIE scene.
3. Incesty Hoyay Brother Banter - "You're pathetic when you'r fishing." "And you're transparent when you're deflecting." Burn. "Don't you have....*school*?" Bigger burn?! Hee.
4. Bonnie Threatening Damon, Caroline schooling Matt, Elena fighting off Noah/Pizza boy Vampire..sistahs are doing it for themselves!
5. She LOOKS like Kath-ER-ine...hee.
6. Ben McKittrick, bartender, crazy hot/charming vampire AND Tom Cruise look a like (coincidence or conspiracey?), cruelly using Bonnie just for her grandmothers gremoire.
7. Pizza Vamp rocking the Scream action, "Hellooo, ELENA!" OMG, I am scared!
8. Now he's on the fuckin ceiling, I am screaming like a girl!
9. Twee Ana is a VAMPIRE, and she admitted she was a stalker, right after I thought: dude you're a stalker, and Stefan explained that vamps like a good stalk/hunt as much as the kill. Well played, SHOW, well played.
10.Stefan swing dancing for his girl, killed me with the cute. Like Dido, he's no Angel.
11. Nina Dobrev is my new girl crush, she is so cute with her pigeon toed walking/running, her gorgeous hair that is not extensions internet!
12. Caroline continueing to be a foot in mouth bitch, but a really good girl friend and girlfriend!
13. MATT, all episode benefit from MATT!
14. The set up the introduction of Papa Salvatore!!! I want to see Papa Salvatore!!!
15. "Trust me, I'm your brother." And people say Damon is the evil one. Oooooh.
16. Go Team Salvatore! Them working together to fight off the new vampires, and protect Elena in particular? So awesome. "I got this..." Hee.
17. Okay seriously I love that Jeremy, was all Oh Hai, you're a stalker, I know this because I used to stalk my hook up, who was also..wait WHO AM I HERE? I think he's totally going to remember/find out what Damon/Elena did to him re: Vicki and be back on the hard stuff like THAT.
18. Did I mention Matt/Caroline's kiss? Kisses? SWOON. DIE.
19. Oooh Alarics wife is Elena's mommy, maybe that's why Damon snacked on her in the first place (beause she was a Pierce, not becasue he know she was Elena's mommy, obvs he doesn't know that)
20. Bonnie/Caroline's hair/outfits, so cute!

Jan. 18th, 2010

Undercover Brother -celestialpearl

I have been to the mountain top....

Stand With Haiti Donate if you can man.

Jan. 3rd, 2010


Evil will always conquor Good, because Good is Dumb.

Hells Bells - S/B in this are so adorable, she's happy because she's SEEING him, she's happy he's trying to make her jealous, and she IS jealous, and did I mention how CUTE they are? Xander get's to help Buffy kick Demon ass? He comes clean to Anya that he is not ready to marry her? OMG I really do love this episode, but Willow's thing about aching for Anya, OMG fuck off Willow you lying bitch. Yay D'Hoffryn for luring Anyanka back to the dark side!

Normal Again - y'know in a weird way this makes me like Joyce/Hank more. Because it means they were not oblivious, it means they were aware/concerned. Fun AU mindfuck, and also boys likes toys..three pathetic men who like playing with toys. Just sayin'. Oooh also I love that when she's with Spike he knows what she "likes" when it comes to recovering form a night slaying beyond just sex with the love her young life. Oh and the Scoobage in this episode is wonderful, she's finally trying to tell Willow where she's *at*, but she doesn't really hear it. Yay, more Xander being useful and FUNNY, I altered his reality, he really is my boy.

Entropy Wow, I don't hate W/T in this, we see more of them getting together here than we did the first time. Sharing a room with someone you are FRIENDS with. How am I about to take this seriously when in Britain there is fifteen year old fucking/rimming??!. Aww, Spike wants a 'numbing' spell in comparison to Xander w/Cordy who wanted a love spell. I love that all our empathy is supposed to be with Spike and Anya, uh hello Buffy and Xander jerks much? I especially love that Spike = solace is continued with Anya, right before he crosses the ultimate line. The main bad part of this ep: Tara and Willow reunited as FRIENDS! But heh, she's gonna die post-coital!!

Seeing Red Hee I love the look on SMG's face when she fingers the AF's me thinks that wasn't so much with the acting! Again with the not minding W/T, I mean I MIND, but not like the full throttle meh of S4 and the active hate of S5. See S6 ROCKS so hard. Kill her Warren kill her so much! Xander incest not that sexy? Um...... I don't think I'll ever be cool with the AR as writing choice, but then I've never been big on souls w/ Angel or Spike so at least I'm consistently like BULLSHIT!!! Is it wrong that I laugh each and everytime I watch Tara get shot? I didn't think so.

Villains Heh, Dark Willow. I missed Willie in the Demon Bar scene. Heh one of my big problems with this ep, I can't buy that Vengeance Demon's are less powerful than Witches. Here's
the beginning of Miss Direction City. Meh, souls are stupid. I DO love the cheesy ass soul resotoring Demon. Hee.

Two To Go Aww, Demon do-gooder Anya, I choose to believe it's just to fuck with Dark Willow, not to help her. Meh. Of course I love that they give Buffy's Spike's dialogue from Becoming II. "I don't want to hurt you. Doesn't mean I won't." Aww. Giles, and ba dass scary Giles. And Clem!

Grave Whatever else this episdoes failings, Xander gets to save his friend and the world, and it makes me cry. Also Emma must have special powers to look that cute in a peter pan collar. Ooh I also liked that it's one of the first Big Bad fights they've had in the day light.

Jan. 2nd, 2010

Demon or Angel/ by crystalchain

Did you try staples?

Aw, the fact that all the battles last round were neck and neck for so long speaks well of all our choices so far. I hope you all had a happy holiday anda wonderful New Year, and I'm so sorry for any losses or sadness or family crazy you had to deal with y'all are loved and appreciated dearly especially YOU Wincest!

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